Would you like to earn passive income?

Help us build our village and get rewarded at the same time!  You can become a Postpartum Project®Ambassador and earn a commission for every qualified postpartum specialist that you bring on. You earn a sales commission every month they are active.


How It Works:

You join our sales team as an independent contractor. You promote Postpartum Project®. You do this simply by sharing us through email, on list servs, in Facebook groups, Linked in, etc. Talk about us with your colleagues. Hand out business cards at trainings and workshops. Help us grow.

We provide you with a unique coupon code where you can offer a discount of 20% on monthly membership subscriptions. In return, you will receive a 20% commission fee every month that your subscribers listings are active. How awesome! Essentially, you can build a large passive revenue stream that recurs every month, simply by helping us grow. The more postpartum specialists we have in our directory the more resources we can give to new mothers and fathers. Its a win-win.

Postpartum project Ambassador referral fee program commission contractor

I’m excited to be an ambassador for postpartum project. Not only does it help me grow a network of providers
in my own community and beyond, it also provides support and assistance for individual professionals
working toward growing their practice. I truly believe that with postpartum project we have the
opportunity to build a strong, qualified, supportive network for families affected by postpartum issues
as well as the professionals working with them. As a community we are stronger together.

J. Urban, Buffalo, NY


Reach out to ellen@postpartumproject.com for more information.

We can schedule a time to talk. You must be a Postpartum Project member to participate.
If you have not yet joined our community, what are you waiting for?